Sarajevo Roses

I’ve discovered these rather wonderful images.

During the conflict in Sarajevo, hundreds of artillery shells hit the town, and the local people marked their falling by painting in the blast marks.

Sarajevo Roses

Back in 1994, the IRA detonated a bomb in my town, in a shopping precinct. The blast smashed a lot of windows, but did surprisingly little damage to the pavement, barring a few chips, rather like the ones above. It was luck that I wasn’t out shopping that day. No one was injured or killed, to my recollection; but I do remember thinking it would have been a good idea to have marked the spot the bomb exploded, as a way of remembering how close we all came to death or disability.

I think the council replaced the paving stone, and soon no trace was left.

I’m particularly drawn to pavement memorials.

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