Holocaust Memorials

There are now Holocaust memorials in most countries occupied by the Nazis during the Hitler period; and most of them are very imposing and significant works of public sculpture.

Holocasust Memorial Berlin

However, in some places, such memorials are actually being destroyed or dismantled.

Holocaust Memorial in Morocco demolished

The Jerusalem Post reports

Moroccan Authorities demolished a Holocaust memorial on Monday that was being built by German NGO PixelHELPER in Ait Faska, southeast of Marrakesh.This comes less than a week after The Jerusalem Post revealed that the Holocaust memorial was in the works.Founder of PixelHELPER Oliver Bienkowski said that all the installations and artworks that had so far been built “were deliberately destroyed by bulldozers,” and the rainbow blocks at the entrance, which memorialize LGBTQ+ victims of the Holocaust, were also desecrated.

It’s not clear which aspect of the monument provoked the response from the Moroccan authorities; it could indeed be either the holocaust or the LGBTQ+ identities, or indeed both.

I need to return to and explore the issues of memorial iconoclasm in my research.

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