Memorials and Witches

I’m starting to learn how to join metal using welding equipment, in preparation for making a maquette of a sculpture for my ASU 1.

The theory is quite easy ( creating an electric arc of molten wire, protected from premature oxidation by a flow of inert gas) but the practice is not quite so easy. The gloves nd equipment are cumbersome, and I can only manage about 15 minutes at a go, before I have to put the torch down and rest, but hopefully, that will be enough to join nails together to create a cascade of spiky metal, attached to a foundation plate.

The sort of thing I have in mind looks a bit like this

but with 148 nails (one for each person executed for witchcraft in East Anglia) welded together in a spewing cascade of of rusty metal.

I want the rain to fall on the work, and for rusty water to drip down like bloodstained tears onto a metal base and gradually discolour it.

I think the effect of the nails and plate will create a sort of pieta sculpture of memorial.

I can see now that the counter-memorial quality of the piece is not enough; it has to stand as a work in its own right, separate from the meaning I have invested in in this context.

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