Exhibition Watch

I have been down to Margate to see the Turner Prize exhibition.

And this is what I saw.

The Tate blurb reads

Oscar Murillo’s multifaceted practice incorporates live events, drawing, sculptural installation, video, painting, bookmaking and collaborative projects with different communities. In his work, Murillo particularly explores materials, process and labour; as well as issues of migration, community, exchange and trade in today’s globalised world. These concerns are deeply embedded in Murillo’s personal history and creative process. The artist pushes the boundaries of materials in his work particularly in the creation of his collaged-together, unstretched canvases often made with recycled fragments from the studio. Emigrating to London from Colombia aged 11, Murillo draws on his own biography and that of his family and friends, who are often involved in his performances. References to life, culture and labour conditions in the factory town of La Paila where he grew up, reappear throughout his work.

Actually, I find the work sad and funny in equal measure, because these are folks who would have trouble getting served in any Margate pub, because of the otherness, and yet we can see (because their tummies are open for our inspection) that they are in fact just like us.

I thought that the Helen Cammock video work will win, because it dealt with some really fascinating takes on contemporary issues, of social and gender politics, imperialism and resolution in a remarkable frank and non-polemic manner. I remember this period of the violence in the North of Ireland vividly and am actually surprised that it has taken so long for works of this quality of emerge.

I intend to reference it in my own work. Steal like and Artist!

I didn’t enjoy the Hammand, because I’m too sensitised to violence to sit through works like this anymore, but it was artistically admirable, (what I did see of it). Not sure I get the Tai Shani. Might have to go back to that one.

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