About Me

Welcome to Cutout Land
photomontage with wooden cutouts Bob Tate 2019

Bob Tate

I’m a full-time, fine artist, in the second year of my MA, working both in physical and and digital media. I previously studied for a Diploma in Fine Art locally; and have had some course training elsewhere (including UAL).

My studio is based in the East of England, and I am working towards gaining commissions, exhibiting and residencies.

My work is eclectic; but mainly focused on current topical social and political issues, especially the present challenges of neo-colonialism, threats to freedom of expression and the effects of violence within societies.

I describe myself as an Insider-Outsider. I combine the attributes and characteristics of someone who has come to the formal disciplines of professional fine art a little later in life; with a profound sense of identification with those who find themselves marginalised in society.

I’m a different sort of artist, and I make a different sort of art.